Thursday , May 25 2017





Cutting Edge Discovery In Sports Nutrition

Ben Greenfield  just published a report looking at a cutting edge discovery in Sports Nutrition that ensures peak performance. The breakthrough he reveals isn’t a flashy high-tech piece of training equipment but something so humble and low tech it’s on the bottom of the food chain. The cutting edge game changer ...

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Substantiation in the Supplements Category Needed

As you may know, the current administration is greatly different than the previous two in how regulations are enforced, interpreted, and created. In general, FTC regulates the marketing of products within the United States. One such category that falls under this jurisdiction is marketing and marketing methods. How a product ...

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Fitness can boost testosterone levels

Low testosterone is associated with a host of problems, ranging from insomnia to depression, but luckily there may be an easy fix: exercise. There are many studies linking exercise to testosterone increases, but especially in cases of exercise for weight loss. Click Here For the Article

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Low T’ Therapy – Proven?

Once the FDA approves a drug, doctors are free to prescribe it as they see fit. As it stands, testosterone supplements are approved only for men with certain medical conditions that cause abnormally low levels of the hormone.  Low T can affect your health.  Talk to a medical pro.   ...

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Natural Anabolics: A Legitimate Alternative To Prohormones.

Are there alternatives to Prohormones? Yes! Natural anabolic substances may be the right answer. Ecdysterone, Methoxyisoflavone, and Ipriflavone are just a few to reference. These not only benefit men but also work well with the female body. These substances have tremendous potential for “hardgainers”, those bodybuilders who have a difficult ...

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