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Healthy Holiday Cooking

It is the season for food. With the holidays right around the corner, will will all be busy preparing and eating delicious meals. Spice up your favorite holiday dishes by making healthy choices and using alternatives. Substitute ingredients to reduce calories and add vitamins and minerals.

Keep the holidays light and healthy without sacrificing traditional favorites. Healthy Holiday Recipes can be used as a guide, so you can experiment with low-fat cooking techniques and learn to modify your favorite recipes to be low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Enjoy good-for-you solutions to traditional dishes, such as Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. You can enjoy your special dinner and holiday entertaining without worrying about the calorie value, or eating fat laden foods.

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Preparing healthy meals that meet the AHA guidelines of 50 percent or more of calories from carbohydrate, 20 percent from protein, and less than 30 percent from fat isn’t as hard as it would seem, the goals are easily accomplished if you emphasize complex carbohydrates; eat no more than 6 ounces of lean meat, fish or poultry each day; and avoid added fat and high-fat foods. Living a healthy life-style doesn’t have to be difficult or boring, and eating healthful foods shouldn’t be a bland experience.  Heath-conscious guests will appreciate an invitation to healthy choice menu.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is fast approaching too, so it is time to break out the party hats and celebrate this important day with truly delicious food that will boost your health and still melt away the excess pounds. Wait a second. Did you just say delicious food and melt away the excess pounds? At the same time? Is that really possible?

You see, your body knows exactly what it needs to be strong and lean and healthy. Our bodies developed and prospered on a diet that was free from processed foods, that was low on carbs, that rarely contained any kind of sugar or dairy products. We thrived on a diet of protein and fat and ate lots of plants and vegetables. Our bodies haven`t changed much since those ancient days so we know how tough it is on our digestive systems to feed ourselves with sugars and carbs and processed food that upsets the balance of our digestive systems and leads to inflammation throughout our bodies. Sounds serious but it`s such an easy problem to solve.

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Calories can be saved by substituting butter. You will spare at least 600 calories and add vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium by making this change. For baking, white flour can be replaced (most of the time) with whole-wheat pastry flour, almond flour, ground oats or brown rice flour. Honey can replace sugar. Note the World Health Organization advises that children under one should not consume honey. Note cooking temperatures will also change due to the ingredient change. Gravies are high in fat and salt, so use less this year. Adding more produce,herbs, and spices can be a fantastic alternative to basic gravys.

Challenge yourself to put a twist on tradition this year.This may be the year to start a new tradition or find a new dish your whole family will love.

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