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Carbohydrate Periodisation

Rebecca Dent defines nutrition periodisation as “matching your energy and macronutrient intake (carbohydrate, protein, fat) to the requirements of your training goals and demands on an annual, weekly and daily basis.” The goals should be to optimize performance and health, improve metabolic efficiency (fat burning), and optimize training adaptations (recovery).

Periodisation accounts for physical training to ensure that performance peaks in time for competition. This theory of nutritional periodisation believes that an individual can manipulate the kind of food, the timing when eaten, and the total amount of food consumed regimented with the the kind of training , the intensity, and the amount of training preparation.

It has been determined that by restricting carbohydrates around specific regimented training sessions can promote fat loss. This can be before specific training or up to two hours in the recovery period  after specific sessions. Note: For an individual, high intensity training leading up to competition adequate carbohydrate intake is paramount.

Because most athletes have different goals, different training schedules and different nutritional needs, there is no one formula for building a eating plan that optimizes a one-fit training plan. Nutrition plays an important role both in the physical performance given during a training session, as well as the adaptation that the body makes after the session is over. By matching your eating to your training you can get the most out of 2015/2016.

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