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Nutritional Supplements – What’s right for you?

The truth is, we can’t say exactly what nutritional supplements are right for you.  We found an article though that sparked something and that is that many people struggle with this.  The fact is that most people today lead hectic lives and to get the proper nutrition they need nutritional supplements.  We do have a few general suggestions that we’d like to share.  Oh, first would be to buy organic whenever possible.

If you are just starting out and in general just want to support general wellness and “good health” you should start very basic.  First I’ll tell you what nutritional supplements I take daily.  Before Breakfast: Testosterone Booster, Estrogen Blocker, and Prostate support(obviously a male) After Breakfast: Vitamins B,C,D, Quercitin, and Omega 3  Bed Time: Magnesium Citrate and GOAL HGH Booster.  All of these supplements are take for a specific purpose.  I visited a naturopath and went through blood and saliva testing to find out what I should use.  If anyone would like to know what they are all used for and what levels of each I use, feel free to ask.  If you are just starting on this road, you might just try a really good multi-vitamin, omega 3, probiotics, and some sort of protein nutritional supplements.

Now let’s talk about a few specific areas where nutritional supplements can be beneficial.  If you are trying to gain muscle, something simple to try would be creatine.  We can discuss why later.  When buying this look for one with no suger.  If muscle is the goal sugar can be the enemy for some.  If you are trying to lose weight start simple, try something like green tea extract.  For seasonal immune support you might want zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D.  Lastly, for my vegetarian friends, don’t forget the protein.  A good whey or if you are vegan go with hemp.

Hopefully this is helpful when considering what nutritional supplements you should use goind down the healthy road.  Let us know if you want more info or would like a link to the article that inspired this post.


To your health!


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