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Human Growth Hormone – Is it right for you?

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is believed by many to be part of the fountain of youth.  This causes many to seek injections of HGH in pursuit of staying young forever.  One thing is certain, your time on this plane is limited and you will age until the day you expire.  It is our desire to present both sides of the story from an educated layman’s viewpoint and let everyone make up there own mind on what is best for them.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with human growth hormone certainly has it’s pluses according to several studies.  It has been shown in studies to reduce body fat, increase muscle, and improve bone density.  It has also been known to improve skin elasticity.  All these potential benefits are the reason people look at human growth hormone many times as an anti aging hormone replacement therapy treatment.  These are certainly benefits that can be derived from the use of HGH in some people.  It is our advice that before you go rushing out to by this potentially beneficial substance on the internet that you seek the advice of a medical professional.  Certain people should be wary of this course of action.

Without getting to technical, human growth hormone injections create an increase in IGF-1.  This is insulin growth hormone.  We all know that insulin helps with sugar metabolizing.  Some people whose immune systems have been severely compromised should avoid making their body think that they are reversing the aging process.  Specifically, some cancers breed on hormones and as you age one of the body’s natural defense systems is that reduction in hormones so the cells don’t multiply as fast as when you are young.  Admittedly, the people who were in one of these studies were in their 90’s but the risk is still there.  That’s why we say, consult a medical professional.

Human Growth Hormone, for some, can return that forgotten youth and vigor.  Heed the advice to make your own conscious decisions.  If anyone would like a link to the article that sparked this post, please leave the request in a reply with your email.

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