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Testosterone Loss – Natural Part Of Aging?

We have had many people ask if the loss of testosterone is a natural part of aging.  Unfortunately for men the answer is yes.  Especially for men when they reach late forties and fifties their testosterone level begins to drop.  This is one of many hormones but it is the hormone that makes men into men.

Testosterone is the hormone that helps men build muscle, grow hair and get a deeper voice.  As men age, they might notice an increase in weight that usually manifests itself in belly fat.  What you lose is more important though.  Most men, without supplementation, will experience decreased libido and lower drive for life overall.

Sugar can be the enemy of testosterone in some people.  Think about it.  Your body produces insulin to deal with the sugar.  Higher levels of insulin can be the natural enemy of testosterone.  This is easier than you think.  Try these steps:

  1. Read the labels. Food manufactures put sugar in everything.  Even if they don’t need to.  If sugar is an ingredient, don’t buy it.
  2. If you need something sweet, try berries instead of cookies.
  3. For a sweetener, try stevia in your coffee. Many studies have shown it does not spike your insulin level.

You can do something about the lower levels of testosterone.  The first thing you should do is have your hormone level checked.  Some people actually try herbal testosterone boosters first.  The article referenced below was written by M.D.’s and talks about several problems for men as they age.  We believe that you will find it extremely interesting.  Their view on testosterone replacement is very interesting.

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